Worst Date Venues You Should Avoid


A date is a vital part of a romantic relationship. It can actually determine the brewing relationship. That?s why it is a must to be familiar with some of the worst date venues one should avoid in order to ensure the success of first dates or even the succeeding ones.


Since first impression matters and sometimes lasts, making a point that you go on an appropriate dating venue for your first date can guarantee or to the very least, help secure a successful first date, which could mean a great first impression to your date. Since the only thing that you have a direct control over on a date is the choice of date venue, might as well use this to your advantage and in choosing the right date venue that you think can help you make a good impression.



Unless you?re going out with some of your friends who just like you love the bar scene, you don?t want to bring your date in bars. In order to make this moment memorable and special for both of you, you will need a venue that facilities romantic moments and that?s totally not bars.


However, there is exemption to this rule, you can bring your date in a more posh and lively bars where people within your age use to hang out. Sometimes the people around the date venue can affect your date in one way or another.


Buffet House

Any place that involves messy and oily food is a big no-no place for a first date or second. Can you imaging spending your first night with special someone around with people who are so hungry that they can devour anything that?s put on the buffet table?


First, it?s kind of insulting to your date, especially for women, if you bring them in a buffet house. That might send a negative message that you are thinking that they are hungry women.


Instead, you can bring her to a more classy dinning spot where you can eat while enjoying the company of each other. You really don?t have to spend a lot if you want to bring her in a classy dinning place. What?s more important is the fact that you are enjoying each other?s company while eating your favorite food.



For most men, keeping their apartment or condo clean can be a bit of a challenge. So if you don?t want to scare a potential life partner out of your life before you even new them, might as well bring them in your humble abode.


It?s totally important to consider that on your first date, you?re not only getting to know each other on a superficial kind of way. But you are also creating a first impression on your future life partner. When you do it the right way, your chances of having her as your girlfriend is quite higher. But if you?re doing it the wrong way, you?re in a total mess. So choose wisely where will you bring her on a first date.