Silence Is Not Always The Best Solution


Most people in a relationship believe that the most effective way to solve a problem in a relationship is remain silent. But this is not always the best solution there is. Women, in particular thought that remaining silent is a form of sacrifice to avoid confrontation and thereby prevent fights.


At first, it may appear that remaining silent is one sure way to avoid fights, and by avoiding fights, relationship prospers. But this is not the case all the time. In fact, keeping one?s silence can actually make a simple issue bloat and in the long run, may cause more fights in the future.


Self respect

If you want other people to respect you, you should know how to start build self respect. You can?t just demand other people to respect you without you respecting yourself and it?s not the other way around. Learning how to speak what you want to speak about fuels self respect.


When you don?t speak up and just rely on your silent treatment, you are attracting more potential problems that could shake up your relationship in the future. But when you learn how to speak up and ask what you want, you will start to get what you deserve including self-respect.


Building Trust

When you?re talking with someone and you feel hesitant to speak up what you have in mind for some reasons, just think that you are having this moment because you need to get to know that person and that you?re having this moment for you to build trust with that person.


When you?re unsure of what to say or hindered of fear that what you might say might cause problem, just let go of what you have in mind or what you need to say and just be spontaneous. Sometimes, it is in spontaneity that you will learn to get to know a lot of things about someone that you will not learn from other means.


Be emphatic

Another way to be a engaging person while talking to someone is to talk about many things that interests people or the person whom you are talking with. Instead of nagging and complaining about how shitty your life is, you can actually learn a lot from the other person whom you?re talking with by being emphatic.


Listen to the person?s story because everyone has a story to share even the seemingly dumbest person on earth has its own interesting story. Although it can be a bit of a challenge to be an emphatic listen, it will come naturally with practice.


Verbalize Your Thoughts

In every relationship, communication is vital. And in communication, one has to utter what he or she needs. Otherwise, it will be a bit of a challenge for both people in the relationship to get what they want and have their needs met unless they learn how to verbalize it.


Effective communication is the key to successful relationship and speaking up and letting the other person know what you have in your mind is a crucial element for effective communication.