Is Your Partner Using You?


Loving someone is a truly an elating feeling. It?s probably one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. However, the feeling of being used by the person whom you thought loved you back is completely the opposite. That different feeling of being betrayed creeps in and makes it even more agonizing.


Knowing whether your current boyfriend or girlfriend is just using you can be a bit of a challenge. It?s actually hard to tell whether your boyfriend is just using you for whatever purpose they have in mind. More often than not, the signs are too easy to spot but the problem lies largely on our willingness to accept the fact that we actually are just being used because let?s admit it, it doesn?t feel good knowing that the person whom we thought adore us can do this kind of thing to us.


All About Sex

Let?s admit it, at some point in the relationships, people just want to have sex with their partners. It?s probably one of the best things that happen to people in a relationship. However, if it consumes the whole relationship or it becomes the main factor that motivates people to be in that relationship just for sex, then that?s where the problem comes in.


While sex is great, relationship should not revolve solely on it. It should be an experience where people can grow together emotionally closer to each other and know each other much better as days go by. If your partner has becomes too consumed and preoccupied with the sex part rather than the intimate part, then that?s a red flag to watch out for.


Uninterested Partner

There?s no worse than having an uninterested partner. But the worst is when your boyfriend or girlfriend is interested with other people, especially with your best friend. When this happen, you really need to establish whether the interest is indeed growing towards other people or your partner is just being to appreciative with other people.


While you?re starting the relationship, it is best that you try everything to make your partner be involved in every aspect of your relationship. There?s no point that the effort only comes unidirectional because when this happens, you will soon realize that you are both heading two different directions and it can be a total mess.



If a person truly loves you, he or she will enjoy seeing you doing the things you love to do. Romantic partners should support their partners do things that their hearts truly desire if that will make them truly happy. Otherwise, you will not become happy being in the relationship or you will not enjoy the experience when you choose to stay in that relationship.


When your partner loves you unconditionally, he or she will not force you to do things that you don?t feel like doing or against your personal morals. If you realized that you?re being forced on doing things that are totally against your personal values and despite your opposition he or she?s not heeding it, it?s probably high time to distance yourself from that selfish partner because it hampers your personal development as a person.