How To Constructively Criticize Your Boyfriend


Humans are naturally born with flaws and as such, when dating, you can?t discount the fact that you will always encounter partners or boyfriends for that matter who have flaws. No matter how we try to choose the person whom we?re trying to have relationship with, that?s just seems impossible at times.


Now that you have chosen to be with that someone and decide to spend your whole life with, you realize that that person has a lot of bad habits and mannerisms that you just can?t stand, what would you do? Sometimes, it?s not the bad habit itself that causes the occurrence of the problem but the manner by which it was criticized.


Respect for individuality

While it is true that sometimes, there?s really a need for us to just let some of their habits alone, especially when there?s really no need for us to bring it to their attention. When the oddity seems manageable and does not interfere with the relationship and other aspect of their life, all you can do is to make them aware of your observations and allow them to acknowledge that you noticed those habits.


However, when you think their habits start to get into the way of their normal life, relationship, work, and other aspect of their life, that?s probably the right time that you step in and make it known to them that you start to notice the sudden change and that their habits tend to interfere with their normal functioning.



Probably one of the areas of life where we usually have poor choices is our health. Yet, despite our knowledge of the fact that poor habit can lead to poor health, many of still to knowingly choose to continue that habits. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and poor hygiene, among others are just some of the examples of bad habits that can affect a person?s health and his or her partner.


When habits such as these do occur, it is a must that you, as a partner should know when to step in. You should know when?s the right time to consider a habit already a vice or something that has detrimental effects to a normal functioning of the individual. But do remember that there are some health milestones that are just part of the normal ageing process of the person and that there?s little to none that you can do like normal hair loss, which can be very distressful for you and for your partner.



Since personality is relatively more enduring than any other aspects of the person, it is a must to recognize the presence of these bad habits right at the moment it surfaced. When your partner seems reluctance and adamant to change the bad aspect of his personality that can actually be corrected, you need to exert all your effort to in order to help the person and save the relationship.


You need to make it a point that you don?t want to change your boyfriend to a person whom you want them to be. But, you change them to the person they are destined to become.